Strongman competitions comprise of athletes participating in strength athletics. The evaluation of participants is based purely on strength. Strongman officially became a sport with the beginning of the competition called World’s Strongest Man in 1977. Athletes can only perform the activities and exercises approved by the federation in Strongman competitions. Some examples are Heavy lifting and pulling exercises like pulling trains, lifting heavy rocks, towing heavy vehicles.

Participants perform under the categories of gender, age and weight. The order of the competition is chronological- from lightweight to heavyweight. In weight-based categories, further classification is made by forming groups consisting of 14 members. If there are more than 14 members in one group, more than one group is formed. 


Generally, a set of five to eight competing events take place in Strongman competitions. All the participating athletes get one attempt in the exercise of their domain. Participants scoring more points are declared winners in their respective categories. The remaining participants are ranked according to their display of strength. If two athletes perform equally well, the participant with more victories gets an edge over its competitor.