A sport based on strength, Powerlifting comprises three attempts at lifting maximum weight on four lifting positions taken in a standard sequence. The recognized positions are- Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, and Total.

Classified as Classic/ Raw lifting, Powerlifting is done equipped or un-equipped. Based on specific competitions and conditions, equipment may refer to a deadlift suit/ briefs and knee wraps. The participants can wear weight-belts, wrist-wraps, knee-sleeves and specialized footwear under both classic and raw Powerlifting.

Factors determining Powerlifting categories are Gender, Weight and Age. Both Men’s and Women’s categories allow Powerlifters above 14 years of age to compete in international championships.


Each participating athlete gets three chances to perform each lift. The best attempt among these makes up the total score of each competitor.

If the score of two participating competitors turns out to be equal, the competitor with lesser weight gets a score above the heavyweight participant.

If competing participants under the same weight categories establish the same record, the participant who made the record first gets a higher score.