Physique emphasizes the factors of balanced proportionality, symmetry and streamlined shape. Physique category athletes are not as bulky as Bodybuilding category athletes. They are required to be ripped but not overwhelmingly muscular.

Men’s Physique

The category of Men’s Physique was introduced in the year 2012 alongside Men’s Muscular Physique.

The Men’s Physique stresses less on the legs and more on broad shoulders and a lean waist. The participating athletes pose in board shorts. The posing routine is not as comprehensive as open bodybuilding; the participants only perform front and back poses. As the athletes are not required to be as muscular as the open-bodybuilding category, the weight limit in Men’s physique doesn’t generally ranges around 200 lbs.

It has six categories- 170 cm, 173cm, 176 cm, 179 cm, 182cm, and above 182 cm.

Men’s Muscular Physique 

The Men’s Muscular Physique is one of the most popular categories owing to its healthy and aesthetically pleasing nature. Muscular Physique athletes incline towards a balanced diet and fitness. They are comparatively more muscular than Men’s Physique category and have an athletic built. The evaluation of the participants in this category depends on all-inclusive criteria of stage presence, balance, aesthetic appeal and fitness.


Assessment of the Physique category is done over two rounds of quarter turns.
In the first round, multiple participants together pose in board shorts of their preference. The second round involves performing solo front and back poses on the stage.