The Men's Fitness category bases itself upon factors like agility, flexibility, fitness, balance and a high tempo. The difference lies in the specifications of the proportion of body mass and height- 170cm. 175cm, 180cm and over 180 cm. Presently, there exists only one Open Men’s Fitness category. 

The participants have to wear swimming trunks and perform posing routines that highlight endurance and flexibility, gymnastic actions or other moves that accentuates their athletic potential and talent. 


The participating athletes are judged on their comprehensive athletic fitness through 4 rounds.

Round 1 and Round 3 involve the assessment based on an artistic fitness routine. 

Round 2 and Round 4 involve assessments based on quarter turns. 

A total of 15 participants are prejudged in the 1st and 2nd rounds, shortlisting them to 6 finalists. The aggregated score from the 3rd and 4th rounds decides the ranks of the 6 finalists.