Classic Bodybuilding lays a strong emphasis on a balanced and aesthetically pleasing physique instead of bulking up on size to the extreme. Participating athletes are ranked and rewarded based on lean waistlines and broad shoulders.

The weight restriction in this category is proportional to the height of the athletes. An ideal balance is required to prevent physique imbalance so that the participating athletes do not get too bulky to preserve the aesthetic appeal this sports category stands for.


Men’s Classic Bodybuilding
To create equal opportunities in the Men’s classic bodybuilding category, the height of the competing athlete determines the weight of the competing athlete. IFBB has a pre-determined standard for the same. The segregation of the current set standard is into five categories ranging between- 168cm, 171cm, 175cm, 180cm and above 180cm. 

The assessment depends on an all-inclusive view of the physique stressing upon body proportion, lines, shape & condition of muscles. Factors like density, details, level of body fat and definition determine muscle shape & condition.

Games Classic Bodybuilding

Games Classic Bodybuilding is a comparatively new bodybuilding sports category. Launched in 2016, it is suitable for men who are less muscular with comparatively small bodyweight limits. It also has narrower category segregation than Men’s Classic Bodybuilding- up to 175 cm and above 175 cm. 

Assessment rounds 

The assessment of the competing athletes takes place by evaluating them on different facets across three rounds based on rules laid out about dimensions and qualities by the panel of judges during rounds 1 and 3. 

In round 2, competing athletes freely perform posing routines with a background score of their choice.